Jaw mobility

If you experience problems in your daily life because you cannot open your mouth wide enough, or if you have pain in your jaw, you may have Trismus. It may appear at any age and can progress slowly.

Several conditions may cause trismus. It is often observed after treatment for head and neck cancer, a trauma, dental treatment or an infection.  Trismus can make it difficult for you to eat, speak, yawn, laugh, or clean your teeth.

The absence of joint movement can lead to inflammation, causing the joint to stiffen and gradually lose its function. Early detection and rehabilitation can help counter this condition.

Stretching combined with passive motion is an effective way to improve jaw mobility. Passive motion nourishes the joint without activating painful muscles. The joint can also remain completely relaxed while an external force moves the jaw through its natural range of motion. Exercise with the The TheraBite® Jaw Motion Rehabilitation System™ provides both stretching and passive motion. The expected rehabilitation outcome is an increased jaw opening of 1 – 1.5 mm per week.

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