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Upcoming event themes

With so many events happening across so many locations, we have planned themes well in advance so you can know what to expect over the coming months. If you are particularly interested in a topic, do not hesitate to contact us and we can provide specific event information about where and when to get involved.

Beat the heat – your summer guide

This is all about getting ready for summer. Here your product specialist will go over top tips for getting the most out of warm summer days and hot, humid nights while making sure you look after your stoma in the best possible way.

Summer quiz

True or false: You can use the same HME for several days? It is fine to rip off the adhesive when you change it? Or, the same HME is fine for all situations? These examples are part of questions we get every day in our call teams, during home visits or at events. We’ve compiled them into a quiz to test your knowledge and share our insights in a fun format.

A stronger voice

If you are curious to hear more about getting most out of your voice then join this event. Our product specialist will talk you through some easy voice-strengthening exercises to work on improving your sound quality. It’s the perfect place to ask questions and practice with others who have also been laryngectomized.

Atos hosted lunch

Share a nice lunch with your peers before breaking for the holidays. This event is focused on different ways to enjoy food and regain your sense of taste and smell again – something many people miss after a laryngectomy.


Don’t see what you’re after in this list? Let us know your ideas! These events are meant for you, so we always welcome your feedback.

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