Our history

Since our foundation in 1986, growth and innovation have always been at the core of Atos Medical. In close collaboration with health care professionals, leading institutions, and our end users, Atos has developed the laryngectomy field and standard of care we have today. With our design solutions and technologies, we are committed to giving a voice to people who breathe through a stoma.


We have more than 30 years of experience within laryngectomy care, subsidiaries in 14 countries, and over 450 Atos employees  worldwide.

Atos Medical is owned by PAI Partners, one of the leading private equity companies in Europe, together with Atos’ board of directors and management team.



To be closer to our consumers and markets, Atos opened a new headquarter office in Malmö. Our R&D center and manufacturing site remains in Hörby.



Determined to give more people the freedom to speak hands-free, we launched Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice, which can be used with our most advanced adhesive Provox StabiliBase.



Further international expansion took place outside of Europe by establishing subsidiaries in Japan and Brasil in 2013, in the south of Europe with a subsidiary in Italy, and expansion into several countries in the Nordics.



To meet growing demand, we expanded our R&D and manufacturing site in Hörby, which now houses injection molding, assembly, a tool shop, quality control, packaging, warehousing and over 150 of our employees.



In order to support and accelerate Atos’ growth-oriented strategy, EQT acquires Atos Medical from Nordic Capital.



We introduced our second generation of Provox HMEs: the Provox XtraFlow and Provox XtraMoist HMEs.  These HMEs have excellent humidification and airflow performance characteristics  and set the standard in the industry.



During 2004 and 2005 rapid international expansion occurred by establishing subsidiaries in the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, and Belgium followed by Portugal in 2008 and France in 2010.



Designed for patients with early leakage, we introduced Provox ActiValve, our most advanced voice prosthesis, containing magnets that prevent inadvertent opening.



Further international expansion took place by establishing a subsidiary in the United States, followed by Germany in 2002.



The second generation Provox voice prosthesis, Provox®2, was launched. Over the years, this would be followed by a third generation, as well as several specialty Provox voice prostheses.



In 1996 we began our international expansion by establishing our first subsidiary in the UK.



The first Provox HME was launched, together with a range of Provox adhesives.



The first Provox® voice prosthesis was launched and turned out to be an instant success. Already in its first year, its use spread throughout Europe.



In 1987, Atos Medical initiated a collaboration with Professor Frans Hilgers and his colleagues at the Netherlands’ Cancer institute. Using the Netherland’s Cancer Institute’s medical expertise, Atos Medical’s capabilities within silicone injection molding in the medical technology industry, the development of an indwelling voice prosthesis with low airflow resistance for easy speaking began.



Atos Medical was founded in the south of Sweden by the brothers Gert and Jan-Ove Persson. Today, we still have our world-class research and development center and state-of-the-art cleanroom and manufacturing site in Hörby, Sweden.


The Board of Directors include:

  • Ragnar Hellenius (Chairman)
  • Carl Settergren
  • Frédéric Stévenin
  • Jérémie Masset
  • Andreas Kumeth
  • Niklas Sjöblom
  • Amitayush Bahri


The Management Team includes:

  • Claus Bjerre (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Philip Eickhoff (Chief Financial Officer)
  • Rolf Karlberg (Senior Vice President, Operations)
  • Corina van As-Brooks (Senior Vice President, Innovation & Marketing)
  • Ulrik Berthelsen (Senior Vice President, Northern & Southern Europe, Japan, and Emerging Markets)
  • Mark Reade (Senior Vice President, North America)
  • Michael Jakobi (Senior Vice President, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria)
  • Dorthe Rønnau (Senior Vice President, Human Resources)
  • Christian Skak Olufsen (Vice President, General Counsel, Legal Affairs and Compliance)